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  1. trevman
    Right on, love metal and this site looks to be a good source everything bone crunching metal head needs
  2. Martin Groovelo Clausen
    Martin Groovelo Clausen
    searching for drums midi file or real drums !!!!!!!! for Deathmetal or swedish death projekt , i am workin with cubase !!!!!
  3. LordEdgard
    In the midst of humanity there is evil extreme
  4. John Atkins
  5. Clicflyer
  6. Brenda Musu'
    Brenda Musu'
    ''Close your eyes and let the music set you free''
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  7. watchneed01
  8. Samus
    Does anybody know how many albums August Burns Red signed for with Fearless records
  9. Dentstss
  10. ReampZone
  11. Carolinna
    long live heavy metal in Chile and everywhere!
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  12. EzequielV
    Fucking in a U.F.O.
  13. Slayed Necros
  14. Brandon Wayne Millirön
    Brandon Wayne Millirön
    You've got me wrong, so watch your tone, I am not some average Joe!
  15. Aurora Melbourne
    Aurora Melbourne
    Old school metal heads, playing acoustic covers
  16. Stephen Martin
    Stephen Martin
    Behead The Prophet
  17. Kaleb Ortega
  18. HardRockChick
    Judas Priest and Black Sabbath!
    Games Workshop, give the Orkz some fucking love already.
  20. HardRockChick