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  1. DarkLordOfFilth
  2. QuantumSound
    Probably working unless I'm not.
  3. Drunken Fury
    Drunken Fury
    We're taking back Ramen Road
  4. Unii
    My goldfish are more metal...
  5. Funerary_Doom
    Bring me her heart, and I will salt it and eat it.
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  6. Nate Skalman
  7. Mother of Dragons
  8. Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira
    Here to spread the word of the Moth!
  9. Nate Skalman
  10. SetbeforeHampus
    Bassplayer in Swedish metal band Set Before Us
  11. EdgarAllanBro
    hey I'm looking for a 90s thrash death metal band, one song line "she's out with the milkman giving the dog a bone, any help appreciated ty
  12. Alex Z.
  13. Ifk_Donkeys
    Hi Metalheads, I released a new tune - a mix of electronic and metal music.Feel free to check it out:
  14. Felixrox
    "I'm just here for the laughs, I'm just here for the ride......."
  15. Sicoraf87
    Check out my lil Epic Metal band SICOCIS (M-TheoryAudio) for fans of Evergrey, Symphony X, Nevermore, In Flames.
  16. NoSlip Records
    NoSlip Records
  17. Graham Day
    Graham Day
    Functional with minimal errors
  18. Graham Day
    Graham Day
    If you want to hear my demos go to
  19. Graham Day
    Graham Day
    Looking for a singer to front a Scotland based industrial metal project.
  20. Acid-Fury
    Acid-Fury is a Tech Thrash Metal band from Athens. Our first EP The Hunt is OUT!!! ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!!!