A88 said:
"We wanted to evolve as an artists and musicians, to make timeless masterpieces - so we started doing 3 minute radio hits. The crowd was shit back in the '90 or early '00, but when we started doing stuff like Disconnected - wow, mayhem, mosh pits everywhere, those true metalheads in the first row, die-hard fans."
When they're on their deathbeds they will remember DE4life on Ultimate Metal Forum and wish they released music that he loved instead of releasing music they want to because his opinion is obviously superior and also, a fact.
I remember In Flames when they actually wanted to make music, before they got a taste of money. Bring back Jesper
We may be frogs in boiling water, but at least the water will kill us before it turns us gay.
As Hitler says "Lets put our trust in the new At The Gates album"
The number of veins I have popped in my head whenever I wrote 5 paragraphs of A+ insight about a topic, then DE4life quoted one thing which had two meanings, decided to interpret it in his way, then dismissed everything else I wrote , is too damn high. I don't believe I will ever get closer to commiting a pre-mediated murder.
DE4life, I don't complete agree with your order but I do like your use of spacing.
And now, seeing that I've joined this forums to have nice conversations about metal and all I find is asshole people speaking crap, go to hell with your forums. I quit.




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