1. CiG

    GMD Poll: Top Ten Albums of 2001

    RYM ALBUMS LIST RYM EP LIST Reminder of the rules: - please submit at least *5* releases. But just remember, real men vote at 10. - first place in your rankings gets 10 points, 2nd gets 9, etcetc, 10th gets 1. - feel free to post more than 10, but only the top 10 will get points. - feel free...
  2. CiG

    GMD Social Poll: Top Ten Films of 2001

    RYM film chart Deadline is MARCH 20th. If you need an extension just say so and it will absolutely be considered. This is usually just a soft deadline to make sure everybody doesn't become complacent. The 1990 game started out slow but ended up being probably the biggest turn out so far...