1. ChemicalWarfare84

    What 70s/80s classic rock bands would you consider metal?

    OK, so today, I got Van Halen's debut album in the mail, and it got me thinking: there are various rock bands from the 70s and 80s that people have differing opinions about whether or not they're metal: AC/DC, Van Halen, and so on. Hell, I asked for some classic metal recommendations on a...
  2. P

    Looking for this song...

    Hello about 30 years ago my friend found a mixtape with heavy metal songs such as Motorhead, Girlschool, Judas priest, etc. he found all of them except this one witch is remain a mystery. I have tried with whole bunch of song recognition and searching engines but no success, so I just start...
  3. M

    They Should Cover some more 80s Pop/David Bowie

    I can still Imagine Children of Bodom Covering songs like, Take On Me by A-Ha, Separate Ways by Journey, or Suffragette City by David Bowie! Like those versions would be pretty badass!!!
  4. MetalAges


    I have to post some love for this band/project. I've been listening to their Dangerous Days album quite a lot lately, pretty epic. They describe themselves as Dark Synth, which fits. It's like 80s themes thriller/horror soundtrack stuff, really cool and different, and extremely well done.
  5. J. Golden

    Takashi 'Kamikaze Killers' gets re-issue

    We are overly excited to announce the next H&H Records release after more than four years of wanting to see this happen, finally it will. In early 2016 Heaven and Hell Records will be releasing the first official CD release of New York 80s heavy metal warriors Takashi’s long out of print EP...