1. Allfader

    ÆRA - The Source of Ruin (black metal)

    International black Metal duo Ulf Niklas Kveldulfsson (Forestfather, Deveneror, Er Murazor) and Stein Akslen (Minneriket, Blodsgard) released their sophomore album «The Source of Ruin» in support of the people fighting against Covid-19. All proceedings from the digital sales will go to the...
  2. Allfader

    ÆRA - The Craving Within [black metal, 2019]

    Hails! ÆRA's new album "The Craving Within" is OUT NOW at Aeternitas Tenebrarum! "We pay tribute to the powers of this world, the people who were here before us and their lives, values and teachings." This is how Æra have defined themselves and "The Craving Within" represents this...