album cover

  1. Sinistro

    OSDM-style Cover Artists Artwork Prices

    Me and the boys at Skeletal Gore have been writing new songs all summer and autumn and we think it's time to release a new album. Last time we had a friend of our drummer work on the artwork and it ended up looking good, but no quite the 90s OSDM aesthetics we were going for. So I took it to...
  2. RusoTsig

    I'm Digital Artist and Creating Metal Band Album Covers

    Hello Guys. My name is Ruso Tsig. Would you like to get similar artworks? No problem with different style too. Commissions open Contact info: FB: IG: Twitter: My Arts>>>
  3. modeltechie

    Bands, Let's Make Album Art Together!

    Hi Metalheads! I want to help new metal bands put together album art. I work with a TON of photographers who can do free work for you and I'm a professional model and graphic artist. Please check out my work at and contact me if you want to work together! I've been a longtime...