alpha audio

  1. Dekdi

    Forkupines - Sleep By The Fire, Bloom In Water (fullstems + real drum)

    Thanks a lot to the person who makes this I do not own any credit. So much fun while mixed this song. stems on my soundcloud. Best regards, Dekdi Alpha Audio
  2. Dekdi

    Number Them - Living Breathing (full stems)

    Mixed & Mastered by Dekdi at Alpha Audio Thank you so much for person who was made this songs before. All credits goes to Number Them band. Stems on my soundcloud! Best regards, Dekdi Alpha Audio
  3. Dekdi

    August Burns Red - Composure (cover + full stems)

    I do apologize not to mentioned who was made this cover. Could not find one. Big thanks to you buddy. stems in my soundcloud. Best regards, Dekdi Alpha Audio
  4. Dekdi

    As I Lay Dying - Nothing Left (cover + full stems)

    Original file was made by Iceman I just try to keep the file shareable The stems link is on my soundcloud Regards, Dekdi Alpha Audio
  5. Dekdi

    Bring Me The Horizon - Drown (full Stems + Oliver Sykes Vocal)

    Mixing & Mastering by Dekdi / Alpha Audio Recorded by Unnus Latif / Blood Studio Vocal was the original Oliver Sykes render by Cringe Lord Here is the stem Enjoy guys, Dekdi Alpha Audio