andy sneap

  1. V

    Modern Amon Amarth Guitar Tone

    Hey everybody! So I love the modern guitar tones of Amon Amarth: Deceiver of the Gods, Jomsviking, Berserker, The Great Heathen Army. They all are thick, crunchy, tight and clear all at the same time. I was wondering if anyone has any information on how Andy got these tones. (I know he didn't...
  2. iampax

    Mix Contest! Money reward and more

    We’re hosting a new mixing contest where you can show off your talent and win $100 and a chance to mix/master upcoming two tracks for a band Life Avenue. Track" The World's not waiting" will be a first single from upcoming EP also including pro video clip coming up in October If we choose your...
  3. matteo95

    Wage war-The river instrumental cover/mix [RAW TRACKS INCLUDED]

    Hey guys! This is my instrumental cover and mix of the single "The river" from the Wage war's album Blueprints. All the raw tracks and MIDI are available here: Hope you will enjoy mixing this and maybe laying some vocals on it!
  4. Michael Franz

    Distorted Guitar: Mixing the High End Frequencies

    Hey Guys, I have a question about how you guys are mixing the high end on distorted guitars. I analysed the guitar tracks by Machine Head and Megadeth. Machine Head was mixed by Colin Richardson (i think). Megadeth was mixed by Andy Sneap. Both tracks showed up almost the same way of Mixing the...
  5. colbyhemple

    My first release. FFO:Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive

    Band Name: Silence In solitude Location: New Jersey My first released production. This forum (especially the Andy Sneap sections) have helped me so damn much in making this sound as best as I possibly could, so thank you all! I'm always looking to improve so critique is welcome...
  6. A

    New video interview with AMON AMARTH talking about their Andy Sneap new collaboration

    AMON AMARTH talk about the new collaboration with Andy Sneap cheers