1. Robin Leijon

    The Phoenix (High detailed Cymbal Samples) **50% OFF SITEWIDE**

    11 Cymbals recorded through the most high end gear (API, UA, Neve, Chandler). With 3000+ samples & 5GB+ in file size makes this a HUGE pack. And with our advanced FCR engine and amount of detail taken while sampling, you will never have to be afraid to get a inhuman cymbal performance ever...
  2. Punkyskunky

    Chandler TG2-500 + API 500-6B Rack UK

    Selling my Chandler TG2-500 500 series mic pre and my API 500-6B 500 series rack. Both are in perfect, as-new condition. £800 for the Chandler and £400 for the API 6B. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chandler-TG2-500-500-Series-Mic-Pre-/322126877533?hash=item4b0042135d:g:ASgAAOSwY0lXSdoK...