1. MetalAlbumDesign

    Album art and design services for metal bands

    Hi there! We are a small design studio specialized in album art and design for metal bands and musicians. Our website is: We offer custom and tailor-made album artwork services and we've a pre-made art for sale portfolio as well. We're two artists in the studio...
  2. Crash Cummings

    Sick artists for album artwork?

    I'm currently recording a Melodic Death album in the style of Carcass, At The Gates, Entombed, and I'm planning to release it by the end of the year. Does anyone know a good artist who could come up with an amazing artwork?
  3. RusoTsig

    I'm Digital Artist and Creating Metal Band Album Covers

    Hello Guys. My name is Ruso Tsig. Would you like to get similar artworks? No problem with different style too. Commissions open Contact info: FB: IG: Twitter: My Arts>>>
  4. Awolfillustrations

    Album Artwork and Gig Posters

    Heyo. Wanted to share all the artwork I have done for metal bands over the years. I just made myself a new website for my artwork and so I did a post on my blog sharing all the artwork I have done for various bands over the last decade. Read about it here and see with your eyeballs...
  5. T

    Services of graphic DESIGNER | ILLUSTRATOR

    I make •Prints •Logotypes •Cover arts •Posters etc. I work worldwide. My pages: or you can feel free to email me for any...
  6. J

    I will make album artwork for YOUR band!!!

    ****J.T.H Music Art**** I will make you album art for you or your band!!!! I love making music and album art for everyone!!! I use many programs to make it and sometime may use more than one! I do (most) genres of music spanning from black metal to soft rock and everything in between!!! If you...
  7. C

    Suicidal Tendencies Album Artwork - Anyone know the meaning behind it?

    Hi, I have been searching for some time to find the meaning of this album artwork. Reason for this is I have a few tattoos and I've always loved this artwork ad I think it would look good as a tattoo. I don't want to get something on my skin that I don't even understand. I can attempt to make...
  8. metaltrenches

    The ABC's of Black Metal

    ABCsofblackmetal-768x396 by metaltrenches posted Apr 23, 2016 at 7:53 AM Just sharing an ebook I wrote and illustrated covering the early days of black metal in a humorous, informative, and creepy children's book format. Additional formatting by Matt Bryan (Rager Reviews). It was recently...
  9. Doppelgangers

    Album Artwork Designer

    Hi, my name is Mayte and I’m a professional graphic designer and illustrator from Spain. I specialise in creating high quality artworks and illustrations for bands and musicians. My website and portfolio: Best regards, Mayte