1. KingsGene

    AVANTASIA: A Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Society

    AVANTASIA REVEAL COVER ARTWORK AND TRACKLIST FOR NEW ALBUM "...Tobias Sammet's Avantasia herald a new age in the fantastic, ever-expanding universe of Avantasia with new single "The Wicked Rule The Night". After almost three years of hard work, mastermind Tobias Sammet and his outstanding...
  2. Y

    Most beautiful metal songs?

    Not like gritty or brutal works, but music that provides a sense of imagery/pleasure in your ears. This is mostly a vague thread that can include any subgenre, any aesthetic, etc. I've just recently gotten into Avantasia, and while I'll admit that their music can be a hit-or-miss at times, this...
  3. KingsGene

    PHANTOM ELITE: Titanium

    PHANTOM ELITE RELEASE "DELIVERANCE" VISUALIZER "...Dutch / Brazilian metal act, Phantom Elite, will release their sophomore album, Titanium, on January 22. Watch a visualizer for the song "Deliverance" below, and pre-order the new album here....Phantom Elite is a relatively new metal band...
  4. KingsGene

    AVANTASIA: Moonglow

    TOBIAS SAMMET'S AVANTASIA ANNOUNCE MOONGLOW ALBUM, WORLD TOUR; VIDEO TRAILER "...Germany's most successful symphonic rock event will be touring the world in 2019 with its new album Moonglow....next year, Tobias Sammet's Avantasia is getting back on the road, to present its album Moonglow, due...
  5. ThatDrummerGuy

    Audio Interview: Jorn Lande

    This is my uncut interview with the legendary Jorn Lande. This was taken place, over skype, on Thursday May 19th, 2016. in this interview we talk about everything you wanna know about Jorn from his brand new covers album, Heavy Rock Radio, coming out June 3rd through Frontiers Music to Dracula...
  6. Pre Christmas CD Haul 2

    Pre Christmas CD Haul 2