bass guitar

  1. FrankTheSmith

    New Kontakt Bass Library - FTS Bass 2

    Hi. Me again :) Spent the last few weeks sampling and reamping my Ibanez SRMS805 and turning it into another bass sample library for Kontakt. Sounds pretty cool. Used tons of Darkglass Electronics gear and various other things for it all. The page has a lot more details about what was used for...
  2. Sophii

    Guitarless Metal Bands

    In remark of my other thread of weird metal bands, I wonder how many other guitarless metal bands there are. So far I only know of: Shrüm 7.5 Tonnes of Beard Extinction Level Event Neoandertals EDIT: Om* (Forgot about them.) You guys know any more out there? I would imagine the rarity of the...