bass processing

  1. ColossalBass

    Colossal Bass Spring Sale!

    The spring sale is ending soon! Don't miss out. Use code "CBSPRING30" for 30% off ANY product! Experience bone crushing bass tones with ease, and see why so many people rely on Colossal Bass for songwriting and mixing their tracks! Sound clips and an interactive DI sampler can be found on...
  2. P

    *** Wanting to buy IK's OLD Amplitube version 2 VST ***

    Any old Amplitube 2 owners wanting to sell their VST license? It HAS to be the full standard/ classic version 2.
  3. Jacob Stewart

    What's up producers & musicians!

    Hey people. I heard this was the place to be for music nerds and metal musicians, so here I am. I got into production from recording metal guitar in my room in high school. Now I'm deeply obsessed with mixing and songwriting haha. I'm here to talk audio, but I might as well show you my band...