blackened death

  1. D

    Greetings from Malaysia

    Hello and greetings. Nice to e-meet you all. I am Zid, a vocalist from a band called Purbawara. We play symphonic / blackened death metal. Just released our first album "Aphorism" on 2018. Latest Music Video Do let me know whats your feedback on our 1st album Thanks.
  2. MorkastMetal

    Morkast to release first full length album "Deadlands"

    Morkast is based out of Toledo, OH and features ex members of Forever Lost and Buried but Breathing. Their first, full-length album "Deadlands" will be available via digital download in early 2019 and limited runs of vinyl presses will follow. Check out their first two singles below "Marrow...
  3. Cartesian

    Cartesian - (Concept album) Progressive metal / Blackened metal from Stockholm, Sweden

    Hi guys, We are a newly started band with ex members from various metal and hardcoreacts in Sweden who just released a concept album about when the black plague hit Sweden. You can listen to our debut album on Spotify, Apple music, iTunes and Bandcamp. Or stream it here: Links to other...
  4. Imprint haunting

    Ides of Winter - "Shiver" new single from upcoming album

    Ides of Winter has released their single titled "Shiver" from their upcoming album "Minus Twenty*" scheduled for release on February 20th. Link is below.