1. Marthyria

    "We are Marthyria! And we play rock n' roll!"

    Hi friends from ultimate metal! We are Marthyria from Brazil/Chile. We play rock n' roll/heavy metal with some thrash influences too in an old school style. Just released our first record RESURRECTION (2020) available on our Youtube channel. Check it out...
  2. Dragomilov

    Lecher true metal warrior debut worldwide

    DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are thrilling to announce the metal warriors called LECHER their debut album it's entitled "Castle Of Hallucinations". The release date is September 30th. The digital album will be launched on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer...
  3. AndreBerte

    Incognitum - Melodic Death Metal from Brazil

    Check out Incognitum, an independent melodic death metal band from Brazil
  4. Rômulo

    Sacred Blood - The new single from HEAVEN: Choir Metal

    SACRED BLOOD Listen to HEAVEN: Choir Metal's latest work on digital streaming platforms! Apple Music: Bandcamp: Deezer: SoundCloud: Spotify: Tidal: YouTube...
  5. G

    Metal from Brazil

    New thrash metal band from Brazil.
  6. Dragomilov

    Abomination Wide present debut album

    Invincible Records is proud to announce that the brazilian Death Metal band ABOMINATION WIDE has just signed for the label that will release their official first Ep. The album titled “Hypocrites must Die” contains 5 songs full of power and energy. The digital release will be available in March...