1. J

    Diamond Chazer - Chained in Tokyo

    When Traditional Heavy Metal arrives with all the power and energy as 80's way!
  2. S

    Meet Seven Epigonus, my music poject!

    Hi you all metalheads! Juan Hoyos here. Today I am glad to let you know that finally, after so many efforts in recording, mixing and production, I have released the first song from my debut album The First Row. Maybe for some of you it's a little bit risky to just put a song on the Internet...
  3. Leirbag Onerom

    Check out my band, Undead killer

    Hi all, i'm Leirbag from Colombia, the band is Undead Killer, I am the lead guitarist of the band, we play thrash metal, judge for your self.... I thank all those who take the time to listen and comment... Thrash til death!!!