cover songs

  1. Erayz

    Death Defy - Portal To Immortals (Death Metal) [2021 Album]

    The debut album by a death metal band from Belarus "Death Defy" features cover songs and self-composed tracks. The album is available for free download at
  2. JureV

    Dark Tranquillity - The Absolute (guitar, bass and drums cover + GP6 tab)

    Hi, friends. I would like to share my lates cover with you. Dark Tranquillity have been one of the bands that I have sticked with throughout my life, and I would like to give something back to the community that has been supporting them for years. First off, the cover video for "The Absolute"...
  3. Joseph-IS

    THY ART IS MURDER - NO ABSOLUTION (raw tracks inside)

    Hi guys, i recorded this song just for fun and i decided to share the raw tracks. Drums/bass are provided as MIDI tracks. Guitar is a Mayones Setius equipped w/ Seymour Duncan Black Winter PU We shoot a simple video, where you can...
  4. E

    War Of The Covers

    Hi Guys, my name is Eddie and I run a blog site called Moshpits and Movies. I have a segment on there right now called War Of The Covers where we take two sometimes three bands that have covered the same song and we ask you the fans and metalheads to vote as to who did it better. The first one...