1. N

    Carnifex-Die without Hope post mix

    I couldn't find the original post, but I had to mix these stems when I found them. This is my take on Die Without Hope by Carnifex, ps. whoever posted these kicks ass. Thanks! I just included a sample, not the whole song.
  2. MetalAlbumDesign

    Album art and design services for metal bands

    Hi there! We are a small design studio specialized in album art and design for metal bands and musicians. Our website is: We offer custom and tailor-made album artwork services and we've a pre-made art for sale portfolio as well. We're two artists in the studio...
  3. DIYistkrieg

    Aborted - Divine Impediment (cover)

    Someone found this multitrack, it's a killer song played and recorded so well I had to mix it! Reamping of bass and guitars, chosing drums samples (unfortunately no "real" recorded drums here), mix and mastering done by me. It'd be cool if you take 5 minutes of your time to listen to this and...
  4. Eternal Tom

    SABATON - The Lion From The North (Collaboration cover)

    Hi there! Any Sabaton fans here? Check out my new collav cover of classic Sabaton song. Equipment used: RODE NT-1000 mic ESP Eclipse CTM I ESP II EC 7 EZBass Superior Drummer 3 (custom preset) Reaper DAW.
  5. Qevox

    LP - Easier to Run | OC - Saw // Covers

    Hello, my new covers is out ;) Easier to run: - Added more guitars (louder than original track around 7-8 dB) and bass (3 dB louder) overall - Added violins to make more pleasant background All instruments listed above were recorded by me and my friend Alex. All mixed and mastered by me, I...
  6. Qevox

    Linkin Park - From The Inside | Cover (Studio Quality)

    Enjoy ;) I did guitars, bass, synth, piano and violin here ;)
  7. Qevox

    Skillet - The Resistance | Cover (Studio Quality)

    Hello, I did cover of Skillet - The Resistance. I add some violins overall, piano intro and outro. AND A LOT OF GUITARS (2 left, 2 right). What do you think about this mix? Do you have some advice for making it better?
  8. Eternal Tom

    KAMELOT - The Pendulous Fall (Instrumental cover + MULTIS!!)

    Hey, folks! I recorded some KAMELOT stuff! Check it out please! Also you'll getting multis right now! Just follow the link below! You'll get all the info (and my mix as a reference) you need from Read Me file in the folder!
  9. Me(n)tal Twist Covers

    David Guetta - Bad, METAL VERSION

    One of my latest covers, a badass metal version of this dance song. Let me know if you like it :) ! Greets and rock-on!! Me(n)tal Twist Covers.
  10. MaxoMarto

    Arise - Sepultura (Full Cover) By Maxo Marto

    Hi, my name is Maxo Marto from Argentina and I want to show you my new video! This time about a song which crushed heads over the years! I hope you like it! If you think this is good stuff, I would appreciate the subscribe of my channel, shares, likes, comments and anything you can tell me...
  11. Eternal Tom

    POWERWOLF - Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend (Full cover)

    Hi folks! Check this out! Our latest work. Vocals by Valerie Chudentsova (Edenian); Recorded, mixed and mastered by Max Molodtsov at Eternal Studio.
  12. Awolfillustrations

    Album Artwork and Gig Posters

    Heyo. Wanted to share all the artwork I have done for metal bands over the years. I just made myself a new website for my artwork and so I did a post on my blog sharing all the artwork I have done for various bands over the last decade. Read about it here and see with your eyeballs...
  13. Blond Panda

    Mix an (inaccurate) cover of "Necessary Death" by End.

    So... I covered Necessary Death by End.... I didn't play it correctly because I'm an idiot, but it still works. Decided to upload the multitracks because why not? The tracks come with DIs and Amp'd tracks for both Guitars and Bass, drum midi (programmed for Superior Drummer 3; tempo information...
  14. Me(n)tal Twist Covers

    Nick Kamen - I Promised Myself (Metal cover by Me(n)tal Twist Covers)

    Hey you all, It's been a while since my last post, here is my metal version of a well know pop song from some time ago :)! Nick Kamen - I Promised Myself,. I promised myself to make it a "little" but heavier than the originial. Let me know if I succeeded :)! Greetz and Rock On! Me(n)tal Twist...
  15. JayB

    Feedback? My cover of Killswitch Engage's Alone I Stand

    I'm pretty damn happy with this mix right now, but I wanted to see what you guys think of it, any constructive criticism is always welcome! Thanks guys!
  16. jakeschemin

    Mario Kart DJent / Metal Guitar Cover

    Does Mario Kart 7's Rainbow Road dj0nt? Probably not, which is exactly why I did this
  17. Blacksmith93

    Decapitated Full Cover, HELP NEEDED

    Hi guys! I'm searchin for someone who wants to share\record DI guitar, bass from some decapitated songs. I can do the mix and vocals. If someone's intrested, please pm me!
  18. Me(n)tal Twist Covers

    Knight Rider Theme (instrumental) (Metal cover by Me(n)tal Twist Covers

    Ready for some nostalgic throw-back in time? Did you love Knight Rider, that 80's series with David Hasselhof and off course, Kitt, the black speaking car with the red lights in the nose? Well, I loved that tv-serie and the tune of it, comes crossing my mind from time to time. And last month...
  19. Guitar_Freak1

    5 Awesome Avenged Sevenfold Riffs!

    Here's my latest video covering 5 awesome a7x riffs!
  20. Guitar_Freak1

    My Top 4 Metallica Riffs

    Here's my latest cover video!