1. toolcarey


    Hello, my name is Ricky, from Spain, and I have a solo project called Bow. You can check it out here: I also have a youtube channel where I post metal covers, DIY projects and my own music...
  2. E

    War Of The Covers

    Hi Guys, my name is Eddie and I run a blog site called Moshpits and Movies. I have a segment on there right now called War Of The Covers where we take two sometimes three bands that have covered the same song and we ask you the fans and metalheads to vote as to who did it better. The first one...
  3. wawan5150

    GOJIRA - SILVERA COVER Without Bass & Vox + Multi Tracks

    i create a drum machine and RAW guitar please comment. still beginner Multi Tracks :
  4. Dimitra LeFay


    Lead vocalist of the symphonic power metal band, Mirall.