1. DargorMK

    Dargor - "Descent Into Chaos" EP 2021 (melodic black metal from Poland)

    Hello everyone, "Dargor" is the melodic black metal project founded in Krosno, Poland. It's mostly inspired by bands like Samael, Ajattara, Dimmu Borgir and Summoning but you can find also other musical influences here. We've just released the three new songs in the single video. Check them...
  2. DargorMK

    One-person black / doom metal project

    Hello everyone, Check out my one-person black / doom metal project. I compose and record all instruments and vocals. (Except drums. But I program them : )) Maybe you'll like it \m/
  3. DargorMK

    Hello from Poland \m/

    Hello everyone, My name is Michał Kustra and I am from Poland. Proffesionally I am programmer. But I am huge metal fan and amateur musician. I am composing and recording metal music myself. For now, I've released two songs and videos. Check them out \m/ Best Regards, Michał Kustra