dark ambient

  1. D

    Domesticated Minds New Album explores a wide dynamic range from ethereal ambience to brutal technical death metal

    Hey Metal lovers and psychonaughts exploring ethereal realms, 🎸🌑 Looking to explore the depths of mind, but worried about civilization collapse? 🔥🌍🔥 Enter " A Molochian Nightmare" which reaches into the otherwordly ambience at the edge of awareness and get punched in the face with brutal...
  2. Dafn

    Dafn - Sifr [Atmospheric Black Metal]

    An atmospheric black metal EP, drawing from influences like Agalloch, Alcest, Ulver, Darkthrone and many more. Every song is a tale in itself, mixing cascading fury with soft melodies, and Sifr ("zero") strings these beads together. Bandcamp:
  3. S

    New dark ambient metal band

    Hey everyone, I'm a brand new person! I've been making music for quite a few years, and the last few albums I've been working on have actually sounded more like what I've been wanting to hear. I have been making it for myself, and was curious if it sounds good to anyone else. I just record...
  4. Youth Against Christ

    Youth Against Christ (Black Metal/Blackgaze)

    Hi! My name is Gonzalo, i'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I want to show you my one-man Black Metal/Blackgaze band called Youth Against Christ. You can find Youth Against Christ's first album, 'Meraki', on Bandcamp, YouTube or Spotify. The album was released this year on June 16th and it...
  5. A

    Withering Sanity

    Withering Sanity is a one man project from Israel. Withering Sanity is in the style of dark ambient/DSBM/atmospheric black metal with very subtle hints of industrial and other genres, and relies heavily on the atmosphere. At this moment, some of the tracks are available on my YouTube channel...
  6. JQN

    VORNOFF "Lesions" available digitally - free download!

    A compilation of previously unreleased Vornoff tunes dating from 2004-2006 can be downloaded for free now via Bandcamp. They were edited and remixed a little in 2016. Murky, morose, and utterly haunting lo-fi ambient music that will leave you in a foul mood...