dark metal

  1. D-ville

    New videoclip by Lurid Heaven

    Lurid Heaven release a video for the Track "Nihil" from the EP "Cvmvlvs Nimbvs" and you need to watch this... The clip has a "jar of flies" vibe and some easter-eggs with references to works by authors such as Bram Stoker, John Milton, Helena Blavatsky among curiosities that can be seen on...

    NAtURGEWALDt - Amochaost

    The first Track of NAtURGEWALDt. More is coming soon.
  3. Craig DIB

    Drift Into Black new single “Death From Above”

    Hello everyone!! I’m new here! I wanted to post news that my band Drift Into Black which is a Dark rock\Doom band from Sayreville NJ has just released the new single “Death From Above” on Spotify. If you’re into Candlemass, Paradise Lost, or Katatonia you’ll dig it. It’s also available on...
  4. A

    Withering Sanity

    Withering Sanity is a one man project from Israel. Withering Sanity is in the style of dark ambient/DSBM/atmospheric black metal with very subtle hints of industrial and other genres, and relies heavily on the atmosphere. At this moment, some of the tracks are available on my YouTube channel...
  5. TheWell-wisher

    The Well-wisher (black/dark/dsbm)

    Not for everyone but fans of Silencer, Shining or Woods of desolation and stuff could find it interesting. Check it out if thou please. One full-length and one EP. Free downloads for both. https://thewellwisher.bandcamp.com
  6. Blaine Rohmer

    Blaine Rohmer - atmospheric black/dark metal from Belarus

    Blaine Rohmer is a one-man atmospheric black/dark metal project from Minsk, Belarus. You can check out and download first full length album "Death's Hall" on bandcamp. http://blainer.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/blainerohmerblack/