dark sarah

  1. KingsGene

    DARK SARAH: Attack Of Orym

    DARK SARAH DEBUT "INVINCIBLE" LYRIC VIDEO "..."Invincible" is the second single from cinematic metal icons Dark Sarah's upcoming fifth studio album, Attack Of Orym. A lyric video for the song, which features Kasperi Heikkinen (Beast In Black) on guitar, can be viewed below...." Warning Sign
  2. KingsGene

    DARK SARAH: The Golden Moth

    DARK SARAH RELEASE NEW TEASER FOR UPCOMING ALBUM, THE GOLDEN MOTH; AUDIO "...Finnish cinematic metal band, Dark Sarah, is preparing their third album, The Golden Moth, which is scheduled to be released next year. Check out a short audio teaser below..." DARK SARAH - NEW ALBUM GUEST...
  3. KingsGene

    DARK SARAH: The Puzzle

    DARK SARAH LAUNCH FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN FOR NEW ALBUM, THE PUZZLE "...Finnish cinematic metal band Dark Sarah is working on a new album called The Puzzle. It will continue Dark Sarah's story forward from the point where the debut album, Behind The Black Veil, left it. The band has launched a...