1. damako3

    Diveradiant - Absence (EP - 2020)

    A conceptual, most part of it, instrumental, solo project from Belgrade, Serbia. Phillip Mann is doing an awesome job here. Leaping between the layers of Atmosphere, Ambience & Experiment with great integrity and balance. A must for all fans of the genre! BandCamp Link, Facebook Link...
  2. metashredeca

    The Family Metal Band

    Check out this awesome young family metal band! They're band is called Liliac and here is a video of them performing Enter Sandman by Metallica I heard that they are currently working on they're first original album and they also perform at the Santa Monica pier every weekend. The reason I...
  3. Orpheus_effect

    Symphonic Metal from Orpheus Effect

    Latest music project, with more to come! Check out our first single! Be sure to keep an eye out for two more songs at the end of November! https://orpheuseffect.bandcamp.com/releases https://www.facebook.com/orpheuseffectmusic
  4. SeraphicDeviltry

    Dark Folk music

    Anyone knows any band or artist that sounds like Chelsea Wolfe, Darkher, Rose Kemp, with dark, dramatic, melancholic, occult, folk, non very metal elements in their music???
  5. SeraphicDeviltry

    Bands with haunting, dark, and melancholic songs

    Hey guys, can you recommend me some bands with dark, haunting and melancholic feelings in their songs, I tried search on youtube but have no luck, I want some bands like draconian, lethian dreams, funeral tears, chelsea wolfe, with a good mix of clean and gutural voices, I'm used to doom metal...
  6. A

    Withering Sanity

    Withering Sanity is a one man project from Israel. Withering Sanity is in the style of dark ambient/DSBM/atmospheric black metal with very subtle hints of industrial and other genres, and relies heavily on the atmosphere. At this moment, some of the tracks are available on my YouTube channel...
  7. polarmoonmedia

    Ashes of Purgatory New Album!!

    Ashes of Purgatory just released their second album Manic! Check these guys out! Purchase here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ashesofpurgatory/ Youtube:
  8. darkvoid


    This is the first official offering from the new boutique vinyl & tape label Flesh Vessel, based out of the USA. The label's intention is to offer high quality progressive and forward thinking Black, Death & Doom Metal culled from the darkest corners of the abyss. These are all available now...
  9. M

    New Heavy, Technical, & Melodic Metal from Australia

    New awesome band from australia's EP
  10. Lucifeeer

    Very nice bands...

    If u don't listen to this stuff, u really should do it. Very nice bands and artists: Sunn 0))) - drone metal Vond - dark music AxelWahlin - dark music Death Of June - dark acoustic music most. Mortiis - dark music too (mortiis are vond) Satyricon - metal