1. E

    What DAW does Dan Swano use?

    I've been a huge Dan Swano fan since the 90's and about to embark into hobbyist music production myself. I'm curious to learn what DAW does Dan Swano use? I remember seeing some of his synth threads from like 07 mentioning he uses Reason but have seen some old videos that look like he uses...
  2. AntonioPetrole

    [Tutorial] Input/Output Mapping In Reaper

    Hey all, Been super busy with moving to my new house among other things but I made some time for a quick tutorial. This may be a somewhat basic concept, but I have a feeling a lot of people overlook it just like I did for a long time. This is a sample tutorial on how to map your inputs and...
  3. F

    New track of mine , Djenty Metaly??

    Hi all, I been floating about this great place for a while, just thought id share my latest works! Let me know your thoughts.. :) Thanks
  4. Wake of Magellan

    Making music with computer

    Hey guys Lately been getting into making music with computer and I have a few metal drum tracks (and one "complete" track), I've uploaded to YouTube and would like some feedback from those. Going to upload some complete tracks to YouTube soon, mostly metal and some synthpop :D here and there.