deathcore vocals

  1. Mitchlucky

    WeWearTheCrown - The Unknowns (The Edge of A Knife)

    Im from new york city where can i get a band and get sign to a record deal i can do this all day
  2. Mitchlucky

    WeWearTheCrown Used to be in a band (2015- 2019) R.I.P.

    i don't know what to do anymore i attractive negative influence on myself and i have this all over the market not just worldwide i said something about wanting to massacre the life's of normal innocent civilian life's on facebook which i didn't mean it and had the f.b.i...
  3. DIYistkrieg

    What's happening to extreme metal vocalists???

    Hello everyone, I was checking out some of these "modern bands" lately, and beside having all the same sounds (that's already a "no go" for my personal taste), what I find more annoying is them having all the same vocal styles! I mean, since Whitechapel came out, all the vocalists are doing (or...