death/doom metal

  1. dan of bereavement

    New Shroud of Bereavement song and video

    Hey all, been some time since ive been here or posted. Life happened and I put everything on hold when I had a kid, got married started a company. Anyhow, First new song in over a decade, album is done, just pressing cds. New video premieres tomorrow on Youtube, I released the song on Bandcamp...
  2. stefan86

    Soliloquium - An Empty Frame (death/doom metal, Sweden, 2016)

    Soliloquium's debut full length "An Empty Frame" is out now on Bandcamp (name your price) and as a physical CD on Transcending Records. Swedish death/doom metal influenced by Katatonia, Anathema, Slumber, Swallow the Sun and many more :) Download: CD order...