1. InfinityPotato

    Zarrot (POL, DM) - Where Aeons Have Been Lost

    Hello everyone! Today my band Zarrot that I am a vocalist in, released its debut full length album after almost three years of recording. I hope that the wait was worth it, so gave it a listen and tell us what do you think of it. Enjoy!
  2. martinantonsson

    Stone Brigade - Madman's Paradise

    Hey! You haven't missed the debut from Swedish metalband Stone Brigade right? Available on your preferred streaming platform but here's Spotify:
  3. J

    Scret Cycle - Living Inside A Storm

    Alternative Metal Band from Panama. Full Debut Album at Spotify
  4. F

    Negentropy released their debut album

    Negentropy is a Turkish Metal Band and just released their album "Eternal Persecution". The album is available on all digital platforms right now and you can watch the official video on the following link. Social Media:
  5. D

    Allamedah First EP!

    Check it out, Thanks!
  6. FarFromYourSun

    FAR FROM YOUR SUN's debut album "In the beginning... was the emotion"

    IN THE BEGINNING... WAS THE EMOTION Far From Your Sun's debut album "In the beginning... was the emotion" is out now! Available on the main platforms of download & streaming. Physical Cds are up on Bandcamp Teaser video and full album streaming below...