1. D-ville

    New videoclip by Lurid Heaven

    Lurid Heaven release a video for the Track "Nihil" from the EP "Cvmvlvs Nimbvs" and you need to watch this... The clip has a "jar of flies" vibe and some easter-eggs with references to works by authors such as Bram Stoker, John Milton, Helena Blavatsky among curiosities that can be seen on...
  2. Dave1978

    The Crow & The Phenix | "Control" (2019)

    We are a German duo, consisting of former & current Mirrored in Secrecy musicians. Our new Doom / Gothic single "Control" has been released yesterday and should appeal to fans from bands like Draconian, Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil etc. - if you like it please subscribe & like! Thanks...