1. KingsGene

    DORO: Forever Warriors, Forever United

    DORO DEBUTS "ALL FOR METAL" MUSIC VIDEO FEATURING WARREL DANE, MEMBERS OF KREATOR, AMON AMARTH, TESTAMENT, ANNIHILATOR AND MORE "...On August 17th, Doro's new 2CD studio album, Forever Warriors, Forever United, with 25 brand new tracks will be released...."...
  2. KingsGene

    DORO: Strong And Proud - 30 Years Of Rock And Metal CD/DVD

    DORO TO RELEASE STRONG AND PROUD - 30 YEARS OF ROCK AND METAL CD, DVD, BLU-RAY IN JUNE "...Three decades of Doro - three unforgettable nights - forever captured on three DVDs and two Blu-rays; including an two-hour plus, great music movie, which delivers deep insights behind the scenes and...
  3. P

    Who is your favourite female vocal of all time?

    Mine is like this: 3 - Floor Jansen 2 - Anneke van Giersbergen 1 - Doro You can use this video to find out: