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    Rate my mix on this Lamb of God instrumental / guitar cover

    Rate my mix and playing! Guitars are a bit louder since this is mainly a guitar cover Signal chain: ESP Eclipse Fulltone OCD Fender EVH 5150 III 50w Preamp out to Fredman Catharsis and GuitarHack's impulse responses Drums: Superior Drummer 2, Metal Foundry expansion Bass: Spectrasonics Trilian
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    Please give me Feedback - TOOL 46 and 2 - Drums

    What do you think my metal friends?
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    My name is MikiMaiden

    Hey there, My name is Blaz and I come from Slovenia/Europe. I am a drummer and I was growing up with Iron Maiden band. I was at 25 gigs of them and I know practically everything about them. I work in the opera and besides of that I am teaching young drummers in the local music school...mostly...
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    @dreathedrummer Molotov Solution!!!!

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    @dreathedrummer Drum Playthrough!!!