1. KingsGene

    ELUVEITIE: Live At Masters Of Rock

    ELUVEITIE TO RELEASE LIVE AT MASTERS OF ROCK ALBUM IN NOVEMBER; VIDEO TRAILER STREAMING "...And now the time has come to capture the magical live energy of the Swiss folk metal institution in the form of a new release. Live At Masters Of Rock will be unleashed on November 1, and contains many...
  2. KingsGene

    ELUVEITIE: Ategnatos

    ELUVEITIE PREMIERS "ATEGNATOS" MUSIC VIDEO "....The new album, Ategnatos, will be released on April 5th via Nuclear Blast. Check out a video for the title track below, and order the album here...." ELUVEITIE Release Video Trailer #1 For Upcoming Ategnatos Album
  3. KingsGene

    ELUVEITIE: Evocation II - Pantheon

    Dedicated thread for this album, originally posted in Eluveitie splits in two.... ELUVEITIE TO RELEASE EVOCATION II - PANTHEON ALBUM IN AUGUST; ARTWORK REVEALED "...Eight years after melodic death/folk metal masters Eluveitie released their acoustic album, Evocation I, the Swiss musicians have...
  4. KingsGene

    CELLAR DARLING: This Is The Sound

    A dedicated thread for Cellar Darling, originally posted in Eluveitie splits in two.... Former ELUVEITIE Members Launch CELLAR DARLING "...CELLAR DARLING, the new band featuring former ELUVEITIE members Anna Murphy (vocals, hurdy-gurdy), Merlin Sutter (drums) and Ivo Henzi (guitars, bass), has...
  5. BearOnGuitar

    EUGG Mixing Competion #3 - Eluveitie Cover

    EUGG just launched it's third mixing competition. This time the song is a cover of Inis Mona by Eluveitie performed by the band Tagarot, which consists of 83 tracks containing several real folk instruments. http://www.eugg.eu/2016/02/17/eugg-mixing-competition-3/...