1. pohlski92

    One man band metalcore mix Kemper, GGD, Parallax

    Just finished up my brand new single. Kemper framus cobra profile for guitars GGD DRUMS snare replaced with ONESHOTZ Joel wasanek Neural DSP Parallax bass Vocals are SSL CHAIN and decapitator recorded on sm7B It’s a solo project by me. Follow if you enjoy
  2. Lupus1984

    Emmure Smokey - Is this mix heavy enough?

    Konnichiwa Buddy Ola Gardner recorded this cover which I just mixed. Not sure if the mix is heavy enough. Help me out. Uncompressed Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1scedmw9pu6n219/Emmure%20Smokey.wav?dl=0