experimental metal

  1. - Venla -

    Experimental/industrial death and black metal.

    Heavy death/black metal with a strong industrial atmosphere, hope it is enjoyed if you choose to give it a listen. Everything was performed/written/mixed/mastered by me.
  2. - Venla -

    Experimental new death/black metal single

    With this track, I approached the style seen on my album with a cleaner, more refined sound to the production and a more nightmarish atmosphere to try and create something more in line with the sound of modern death metal while still maintaining the wide instrumental palette and eclectic style...
  3. - Venla -

    Experimental, eclectic black/death metal project

    With influences ranging from bands like Marillion and King Crimson to Converge and Portal, my hope with this album was to create a unique and haunting vision of what black/death metal can be, and to inspire others in their own music while still maintaining recognisable qualities from black and...
  4. S

    SELLING REMAINING VINYL, some obscure titles.

    I've sold most of the best stuff but still have some really excellent, less known albums for sale. Most of these records are unplayed as I have been away in Scandinavia for some years but kept collecting, now I'm forced to sell to fund a van purchase and mobile recording set-up. on the metal...