female vocals

  1. Steeller

    Chasing Embers - Silent House (Music video)

    Chasing Embers is Ukrainian female-fronted metal band. In 2018 the band released thier first single and music video "Silent House". Ourfirst LP is going to be released in autumn 2019. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChasingEmbersUA/?ref=bookmarks Official website: https://chasingembers.live
  2. Bohemian Dark

    Power Metal with Female Vocals - Yavith

    Hi all! Yavith is a Power Metal band with shredding guitars, female vocals, and philosophical lyrics. We released our EP digitally last week, and we'll be launching the physical copies through the label MS Metal Records next month! Here are the songs:
  3. Raven Lands

    Raven Lands (female fronted death metal)

    Hi Friends of Ultimate Metal We are Raven Lands a spanish female fronted death metal band. We are preparing our first studio album and we need your help. We are promoting our crowdfunding campaign to record our first studio album called "Life eternal". If you enter in in the link below you can...
  4. Mactatus

    Melodic/Symphonic black/death metal from Latvia!!! OCULARIS INFERNUM

    We proudly present you our 5 years' hard work- full album "Expired Utopia" is OUT NOW! Available on https://ocularisinfernum.bandcamp.com/ and on all online streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc.) Enjoy! \m/ https://www.facebook.com/Ocularis-Infernum-317682312152/
  5. Kurnik

    Soul Storage - Symphonic metal band from Russia

    Symphonic metal band from Russia Karina Barkina - vocals Svetlana Danko - keyboards Aleksandr Kurnikov - guitars, bass guitar, arrangement
  6. C

    Askara - progressive Gothic Metal

    I’d like to introduce Askara to you guys: Askara is playing progressive Gothic Metal and are based in Basel, Switzerland. In October 2016 they released their debut „Horizon Of Hope“. The band Askara unites different elements of Gothic Metal with progressiv, heavier Metal. Indicative for this...
  7. markus1987

    Varda- Abandoned

    Hi! I play guitar in the band called Varda, and here's our song "Abandoned". Melodic metal from Finland
  8. F

    Death metal: clean female vocals + growled vocals

    Hello, I´ve been searching for new melodic death meta bands with a particularity: death metal with both female clean vocals and male growled vocals. Till now I´ve just find two bands that combines it in the way I like: - Seduce the Heaven - from Greece - Semblant - from Brazil. I´ve also...
  9. P

    Who is your favourite female vocal of all time?

    Mine is like this: 3 - Floor Jansen 2 - Anneke van Giersbergen 1 - Doro You can use this video to find out:
  10. O

    Virus of Ideals (new melodic death/power metal with harsh male and clean female vocals)

    Hi guys, just wanted to talk about my new band for a minute. As the title says, Virus of Ideals is a new melodic death/power metal band that features both harsh male and clean female vocals. So far we only have a single, but we have recently filled out our lineup with a permanent drummer and...