1. damako3

    Old School Death Metal - MISANTHROPY APOTHEOSIS

    Old School DEATH METAL butchery from Athens, Greece. Track's off their recent EP 'Against Your Filthy Kind' massively delivered by REPULSIVE ECHO RECORDS. Most of release's formats are there and ready to be shipped. The Video,
  2. Jayden_Nucleust

    Is This Metalcore ?

    Constantly Debating this with freinds
  3. CiG

    The Black/Thrash Question

    A potentially divisive question: is "black/thrash" a genuine part of the black metal umbrella or is it just evil thrash metal LARPing as true black metal? AUTISM COMMENCE.
  4. AshenBaroque

    This Feels really metal, but...WHAT GENRE IS THIS GUY!

    WHAT GENRE IS THIS GUY! I stumbled across him while wandering youtube. Really low views, and an interesting style. Some of it is cool, some is on the edge of my tastes. let me know what you guys think it is!
  5. Plutonium

    [Very long post] Please help me determine what I like about metal!

    As a tl;dr, I've underlined the most important terms so that you can just skim through! Disclaimer: I am not in any way a music expert. There are many terms I am missing that would make my description clearer and which might be obvious to you. So please excuse the vagueness, I try to add...