german metal

  1. -Drakan-

    Looking for In Extremo song name

    Hello metal brothers! By accident I came across In Extremo band while watching a video of a German TV show. I made a recording as I was curious about the name of the song. I found that it is In Extremo since on my recording there is second song which I found is "Frei zu sein" but I can't find...
  2. amplifire

    Amplifire - Old School Heavy Metal from Karlsruhe/Germany

    Founded in 2000 and rooted deeply in 1980s classical Heavy Metal, Amplifire from Germany just released their fourth Album titled 'Demolition Party'. The title of the Album says it all: pure, powerful Heavy Metal with all the clichés and trademarks we Metalheads love so much. The best part is...