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    Loudstakk Unveils a Heavy Metal Songwriters MIDI Starter Pack: Soundstakk MIDI Grooves

    Link: Introduction video link: Loudstakk’s mission is to empower musicians of all levels by providing top-quality songwriting tools. Founded in the Summer of 2023 by Ron D. Rock (co-founder of Ugritone)...
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    Atlanta prog metal band

    Hey everyone! If you could listen to my bands demo album on YouTube, and let us know what you think of it, that'd be awesome!!!!
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    Killswitch Engage-Let The Bridges Burn (cover/mix)

    I really dig this song, plus it has some sweet riffs as well so i thought might do a mix. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Gear used: GetGood Drums- Matt Halpern Set Esp Horizon into Axe Fx II using the 5150 Blue amp Ray Sub 4 Bass into Axe