industrial music

  1. Ragnarok973

    After Never (Skinless) EP, from Larvarum

    Larvarum is a "two-set-of-drums" experimental project from Perth, Australia, consolidated on 2013, with a lot of compositions, riffs and Industrial debris since 1996. After Never (Skinless) is a compilation of some tracks of the album After Never, only with background instruments (Analog drums...
  2. ErikDismembered

    New Avant-Industrial metal solo project Chasing Sanity

    New project from the front man of Skin Drone, Chasing Sanity is an avant-industrial one man band hailing from Hot Springs, AR. This is the first song off the upcoming full length. It features the vocals and synth stylings of Nate from Isolated Antagonist and AutomatoN.
  3. Altsphere

    Broken Down 'The Other Shore - Indus Rock / Indus Metal

    Industrial Rock / Metal UFO Broken Down's new album 'The Other Shore' will be released in February 2016 through Altsphere Production on CD, digital and limited handnumbered digipack. Discover a music sample and 5 records that may have influenced the one-man-band's music for this album. One...
  4. Altsphere

    Remix pack, stems to remix, industrial music to remix

    The Other Shore, Broken Down 's new album scheduled for February 2016, is a concept well described here: Read about The Other Shore's concept That will explains you more about the remixes First stems (separated channels) are available here ...