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  1. E

    Japanese Black Metal

    MALKIOTO1 【Japanese Black Metal】 Malkioto1 Rearrange version #blackmetal #atmosphericmetal #japaneseblackmetal I hope you like it!!! Bandcamp
  2. Y

    Are USPM and EUPM good stylistic differentiators for power metal?

    USPM is generally defined as aggressive and riff-based, with bands including Manowar and Iced Earth, and EUPM is generally the more recognized approach with a lighter sound and keyboards, with bands including Rhapsody and Sonata Arctica. If I have to be completely honest, I am not entirely sure...
  3. TadakatsuH0nda

    Japanese Metal Forum

    Hello everyone, I hope this is alright to post here, a few short months ago I helped some friends to start a forum dedicated to the heavy metal and hard rock music of Japan. We're a small, but growing, active and friendly community of worldwide metalheads, and between just over 110 members, we...