1. JarekMusil

    AUDIFIED ToneSpot Drum plugins released - special offer for You!

    Hey guys! Check out my brand new plug-ins I have designed for Audified. There are 2 versions: Pro Express I have put a ton of my know-how into ToneSpot plug-ins. I have learned a lot thanx to this forum as well. Check them out and tell me what you think! Any feedback appreciated! If you...
  2. JarekMusil

    BLIND TEST: Real cab vs. Audified IR

    . Hey all guitar maniax! Check out this blind test. Can you hear the difference? Is Audified IR technology close enough? . Which one do you think is the IR and which one is the real cabinet? . Gear used: M-Custom Guitars M-Strat guitar Boss SD-1 EVH 5150 III LBX (non-stock preAmp tube types) Two...