jerry cantrell

  1. Entropia Amplification

    Laney GH50L rebuilt/mod

    We completely gutted GH50L, then we put into it our preamp circuit, furthermore we brought in extra features: - presence control with selectable frequency - mid-shift - variable feedback - poweramp limiter - all tube footswitchable series FX loop with both send and return level adjustment Share...
  2. ProgressiveRocco

    ALICE IN CHAINS - Check My Brain MIXTEST (AxeFx2-SD2.0-GGD)

    Black Gives Way To Blue by AIC is one of my all time favorite records in terms of mixing/production. Jerry's guitar tone is AMAZING on that album! Hard to recreate that Randy Staub magic in the low end but I had fun trying at least:D I've recorded guitars and bass using the Fractal AxeFx2, drums...