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    New collaboration effort I began with singer Jenny Stokes from New Zealand. I'd love some feedback on this song and the mix, before it is officially released. Thanks for listening!!
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    My new website, music discography, music videos, etc. Thanks for listening!!
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    Sweet Dreams

    Wrote this song a few weeks ago. Didn't know what I was going for, but it turned out to be a pretty sad sounding instrumental song. Thought I would post it today. Most of my stuff is Metal, but this is a little different. It's a short song. I'm interested in feedback. Thank you for listening.
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    Play, Headbang, Repeat

    3 Minutes of ridiculous headbanging and mosh pits. Why? Because it's awesome! Song "Play, Headbang, Repeat" is off of my new album "Six Feet Under" Thanks for listening!!
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    Getting ready for The Walking Dead Season 7 with this mash up of clips to the song "Walkers" from my new album "Six Feet Under". Thanks for listening!
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    Six Feet Under

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    Single I just released. Available here now: Will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play etc. In a few days. Very interested to here thoughts on it. Check out the video. Thanks for listening!
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    Angels & Demons - New Album

    Second album just released. Thanks for listening!!! Amazon iTunes Google Play Two full songs on YouTube... Kingdom of Heaven Stairway to...