kemper profiling amp

  1. H

    The Feathered Serpent (new prog metal single)

    Hi everyone, I write music...not as often as I should :/ This one made it across the finish line tho :headbang: Hope u like it: Cheers!
  2. kirk89

    Kemper profiling amp rack version

    I´m selling my kemper profiling amp (rack version) price: 1380 € the amp is in near mint condition. optical and technical as new. amp was all time in my rack and mostly just at home the kemper comes with the original package cabon box and all manuals and cables. also these commercial bought...
  3. mauce

    Kemper profiles - Ampire Tones

    Hey, Just want to let the Kemper users on this forum know about If you are interested in tonematched profiles or amp packs you might want to check out. Cheers!
  4. Jigsaw Audio

    Jigsaw Audio Drum Samples & Kemper Profiles

    Hey guys! I'd like to introduce you all to the Jigsaw Audio Store. A huge range of drum samples and Kemper Profiles are now available. Enter code LOVEJIGSAW for 33% off your order until Valentine's Day. If anyone has any...
  5. AntonioPetrole

    Avalerion - Nausicaa/Lost At Sea (Melodeath with raws and stems)

    Hey all! Just released my 2 song demo for my project Avalerion. I've included the raw mixing files as well as already mixed stems below. If you dig the music or make a mix, I'd suuuuuper appreciate it if you could swing by the video and leave a comment or subscribe. Links are in the description...