kirk hammett

  1. ljonidas

    Did you see this? (Donald Trump - Master of Puppets - Parody)

    What an awesome edit. That was funny
  2. N

    Playing a gig with Metallica - help me live out my dream! :-)

    Hi folks! :D Amazingly, I've gotten a unique chance to live out my all-time biggest dream ever since i was a little kid - warming up for none other than the mighty 'Tallica with my band DEFECTO! This would without a doubt be one of the biggest experiences in my life. :) However, in order to...
  3. R

    Monsters of Rock`91 Moscow T-Shirt

    Hi everyone! This is MONSTERS OF ROCK MOSCOW 1991 T-SHIRT for those who still can remember that breathtaking festival! At that day, 11 000 Russian soldiers were at the area to secure law and order and the total attendance was around 1.6 million people. About 53 people died during the concert...