1. VoltronLions

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    Ozzy, W.A.S.P. Kiss, Venom Vinyl, Tshirts, Cassettes eBay WASP Vintage t shirt 1987 Blackie Lawless Ghoulies II 1978 Kiss On Tour Board Game Gene Simmons Complete Collectors Piece Venom "At War With Satan" Original LP. 1st pressing. Import. 1984. Deep Purple Rainbow 5 vinyl lp records lot made in Japan long live...
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  4. Black Tongue

    Hot guitarist Richie Scarlet Tours With Ace Frehley
  5. Black Tongue

    Richie Scarlet Rock On Tour with Ace Frehley, Scarlet still cranks through Marshall amps and Les Paul Guitars
  6. woz75

    KISS Army Veteran Tommy Thayer Accused of Stolen Valor (satire)

    Just saw this article and it made me laugh....Do you have any examples of (official) tee shirts that openly lie or feature the wrong lineup of band members? Whenever I see tee shirts like these it drives me crazy. (article snippet) Terre Haute, IN – KISS Army veteran Tommy Thayer may finally...