1. Purbawara

    Purbawara, death metal from Malaysia

    Purbawara, death metal band originated from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Style of music infusing arabic, egyptian and nusantara with religious themed lyrics. 20th October 2018, released their first debut album "Aphorism". In year 2020, has announced second album "Withering" that is in progress...
  2. D

    Malaysian Melodic Death Metal releases new single "Servants Of Alamin"

    Servants Of Alamin, Second single taken from the upcoming album "Withering". Other new releases; World Of Nifaq Music Videos; Mahsyar (2015), The V Sense (2018), Uphold Thy Rule (2018), Day of Reckoning (2018), Social Media; Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Stream; Bandcamp | Spotify
  3. D

    Greetings from Malaysia

    Hello and greetings. Nice to e-meet you all. I am Zid, a vocalist from a band called Purbawara. We play symphonic / blackened death metal. Just released our first album "Aphorism" on 2018. Latest Music Video Do let me know whats your feedback on our 1st album Thanks.