melodic death metal; symphonic metal; french metal

  1. dan of bereavement

    New Shroud of Bereavement song and video

    Hey all, been some time since ive been here or posted. Life happened and I put everything on hold when I had a kid, got married started a company. Anyhow, First new song in over a decade, album is done, just pressing cds. New video premieres tomorrow on Youtube, I released the song on Bandcamp...
  2. P

    AEPHANEMER - announce new album, Prokopton

    French Melodic Death metallers AEPHANEMER have revealed the cover artwork of their second full length, 'Prokopton'. The album will be released via Primeval Records on March 22nd, 2019. On this occasion, Niklas Sundin (DARK TRANQUILLITY) took care of the album design while Dan Swanö (UNISOUND AB)...