melodic death

  1. Amorphous696

    Finnish Melodeath Band Norther's Gear

    I'm not really sure where to post this since there isn't an official Norther Band Forum... But does anyone know what gear Norther used in the studio or live? (especially during Dreams of Endless War and Mirror of Madness era?) What I have so far: -Petri Lindroos- Guitars: - Jackson Guitars...
  2. Amorphous696

    Hi From An NC Hardcore MDM Fan

    My name is Adrian, I'm 29 and have been playing guitar for 12 years. My passions are Melodic Death Metal (Especially Old School), Melodic Black Metal, Folk, Power and Post Metal. I am currently working on so much music and just started working on my YouTube channel after many years of...
  3. Nammtharicon

    Deviant Syndrome new EP (melo-prog-tech-death)

    Hey there! Mixed and mastered by me, guitars were reamped through Mesa Boogie Dual Rec Rev.G with Mesa Boogie 2x12 cab and sm57 mics. Drums are all natural with some kick/snare/toms samples :D
  4. Sorrowenthroned666

    Raw Blackened Death Metal solo project from CT
  5. DeadManRisen

    Dead Man Risen. Melodic death metal from South Africa. Also on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc. Check it out! Solo artist. All instruments and vocals performed and recorded by Shaun Mitchell.
  6. MorkastMetal

    Morkast to release first full length album "Deadlands"

    Morkast is based out of Toledo, OH and features ex members of Forever Lost and Buried but Breathing. Their first, full-length album "Deadlands" will be available via digital download in early 2019 and limited runs of vinyl presses will follow. Check out their first two singles below "Marrow...
  7. Atra Haeresis


  8. Raven Lands

    Raven Lands female fronted death metal from Spain

    Hi friends We are Raven Lands a spanish female fronted death metal band Here is a preview from our first single "The horde" from our upcoming album "Life eternal" you can help us in our crowdfunding campaign in this link: There you'll find our album and some merch...
  9. Raven Lands

    Raven Lands (female fronted death metal)

    Hi Friends of Ultimate Metal We are Raven Lands a spanish female fronted death metal band. We are preparing our first studio album and we need your help. We are promoting our crowdfunding campaign to record our first studio album called "Life eternal". If you enter in in the link below you can...
  10. Mactatus

    Melodic/Symphonic black/death metal from Latvia!!! OCULARIS INFERNUM

    We proudly present you our 5 years' hard work- full album "Expired Utopia" is OUT NOW! Available on and on all online streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc.) Enjoy! \m/
  11. DImaSimon

    Dima Simon - "The Edge of an Apathy" New Song

    A new instrumental song that was produced and created by me. Like and Share if you enjoyed it :)
  12. Sinan Andreas Akinci

    KARA BAHT (melodic death metal) new track

    Hey guys We are called KARA BAHT (meaning bad luck in turkish). Check out our new demo. Last but not least please consider to say something about the track. cheers!
  13. B

    Looking for new music

    I am looking for some band with vocals similar to Evoken's heavier vocals or shape of despair's deeper male vocals, but also at a faster pace, closer to death metal or, preferably, a melodic death band with such vocals. Is there any such bands that pop into mind with this information? (I am not...
  14. az65535

    HexHorn (death'n'thrash) - "Waking Of Death" LP

    Hello, we are HexHorn, we would like to present our debut album 'Waking Of Death'. Video for “Suffering” promoting the album can be watched on band’s youtube channel: Listen to full album on bandcamp: You can buy CD from...
  15. M

    Black October "The Symphony Of the Ultimate Collapse"

    The full lengh CD of the russian melodic band Black October A press release of the full-lenght CD 2014 were stated: “It is the project of the current vocalist of the famous Russian pagan metal band Alkonost Maxim Shtanke, on which you will hear extreme melodic blackened beautiful death metal of...